Choose a lineup each week using any players you want. But choose wisely - you can use players only once!

Load up early, or save players for better matchups? Tough choice. One bad week, and it's over!

Avoid being the lowest scoring entry each week and move on. It's all about survival here!

Create your own contest and play with friends. Choose your format, invite others, and administer your game from our comprehensive commissioner panel. Or join a site game and play for real money!*

Create your own contest* with up to 100 of your friends. Configure your lineups, use our scoring model, statistical feed and unique gameplay to run your contest. Ability to configure your own scoring is coming soon!

Pay to play for prizes against other entrants. Site contests use a standard lineup and scoring model. Not all users are eligible to play in site games.*

*User contests are for entertainment only. Site games available only in certain states. Must be 18 years of age or older to play on our site. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

Winner take all! The lowest scoring entry is eliminated from the contest each week. Larger contests eliminate multiple entries early in the contest, and all contests eliminate one entry each week in the second half. The final week is a one-on-one battle to be the Knockout champion. See our FAQs for information about our elimination algorithm and how we eliminate entries throughout the season.

The same concept as Standard Knockout where losing entries are eliminated from the contest and there's one eligible winner for the Knockout prize. Prizes are also awarded to weekly high scores and season points leaders. All entrants are eligible for additional prizes, but there's only one Knockout winner! Knockout Plus will be available soon.

Set lineups for future weeks. Bring out your analytical side and map out your season! It's a great way to guard against forgetting to set your lineup. 

To prevent users from skipping weeks to save players, a lineup will be automatically selected using the highest scoring players (season-to-date) at each position and 100 points will be added to user's tiebreaker for the week. We strongly suggest this not be used as a strategy!

Your information is more secure than ever! All users must be verified before using the site. And you can now sign in Google or Facebook!

The tiebreaker system has been expanded. You choose a tiebreaker when you sign up for a contest, and it's yours all season. Additionally, there are five performance-based tiebreakers prior to the use of your chosen tiebreaker (all are season to date): Total Points, QB Points, RB Points, WR Points, FLEX Points. 

The elimination formula has been completely revamped to make the end of the contest more exciting. We eliminate the bulk of the contest in the first half and only one user each week during the second half of the contest.

We've added enhanced commissioner functionality to give the contest creator more control and communication capabilities with his/her invited users.