Can you survive the fantasy?


Select a lineup using any players you want just as you would in any fantasy league.


Choose wisely - you can use players only once. Load up early or save the better players?


Survive by avoiding being in the lowest scoring group. Score too low, and you're out.

Choose how you want to play

Form your own contest and play with friends. You're the commissioner, you set the league rules and maintain the entries. Or join a site game and play for real money*

User Leagues

Create your own contest and invite up to 100 of your friends to play! Use our statistical feed and unique game play for a nominal fee for the season . Note that user leagues are for bragging rights and entertainment only!

Site Games

Pay to play against other entrants to win prizes!. Various game sizes are availble, and site games use one standardized scoring system. Not all users are eliglble based on age and location.

*Available only in certain states. Must be 18 years of age or older to play on Fantasy Sports Knockout.

Two Ways To Play:

Standard Knockout

Winner take all! The lowest scoring entries in each week are eliminated based on our proprietary elimination alogrithm. Most of the field is eliminated in the first half of the contest, leaving a series of weeks with one entry eliminated. The final week is a one-on-one showdown for fantasy supremacy.

Knockout Plus

Same concept: eliminate the lower scores, gradually dwindle it down to one winner. However, add weekly and/or season-long points prizes. Smaller Knockout prize, but more opportunities to win! Eliminated entries may continue to set lineups but are not eligible to be crowned the Knockout champion. NOTE: prizes are paid only in site games. User contests have the option to play Knockout Plus but for entertainment only!

New & Improved Features

You can now set lineups for future weeks if you're the analytical type! We've also added auto-lineups for those who forget to set a lineup. And we've impoved all these features:

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security features including identity verification, location tracking, sign in with Facebook and Google and more!

Elimination Formula

Elimination formula revised to eliminate less entries later in the season while eliminating the bulk of entries in the first half of the contest.

Tiebreaker System

Tiebreaker system revamped to include five (5) performance-based tiebreakers before your chosen tiebreaker is used. Additionally, tiebreakers go to two decimals. Choose your tiebreaker when you join, and it's yours for the season!

Commissioner Panel

Much more detailed commissioner panel for user contests and more new improved features.