Official Rules & Scoring

Below you'll find the official rules and scoring for all contests.

Standard Knockout Contest Gameplay

The "Knockout Contest" is essentially a "suicide" or "survivor" style pool. Entrants assemble a lineup each week and win by scoring enough points to avoid elimination.

If the team scores enough, they survive. If the team does not score high enough, they are eliminated. The players that are picked to form a team cannot be picked again for the remainder of the season (unless designated as being allowed to do so as per the admin / league creator.)

A user participates by:

As noted above, part of the gameplay involves the inability to pick the same players more than once.

At the conclusion of the NFL season (week 17, or the playoffs if set by the admin) there will be 1 final survivor left standing.


Technically, there is no limit on the number of users who can be in any one contest. Since there is no “snake draft” there is no limit on athletic talent. Multiple users could pick the same athletes, similar to daily fantasy sports platforms.

The knockout methodology involves basic division ---

# of users ÷ # of weeks = (total rounded # to be eliminated each week; other than final week)

On the last week, all users are eliminated accept the high score. Since the numbers must be rounded up or rounded down based on the total # of users and total # of weeks, the number eliminated in the final week may vary.

Example 1: 300 users ÷10 weeks = 30 people eliminated each week, 29 eliminated on final week

Example 2: 18 users ÷ 17 weeks = 1 person eliminated each week, 1 eliminated on final week

Example 3: 32 users ÷ 15 weeks = 2 people eliminated each week, 3 eliminated on final week

Example 4: 50 users ÷ 17 weeks = 3 people eliminated each week, 1 eliminated on final week

Due to the fact that users are eliminated each week based on scoring the lowest in that specific week, it is certainly possible for eliminated users to technically have more total points than users that have not been eliminated as it relates to their total points scored for the entire season.


The default fantasy scoring and the restrictions for how many times you can draft an athlete throughout the season are specified below. These are also variables that can be configured in private leagues. By default, the settings are as follows:

Draft Restrictions

Positions & Number of Roster Spots per Position:

Offensive Scoring:

Kicking Scoring:

Team Defense / Special Teams:


The tie breakers work as follows:

#1) Total Points

The user(s) with the lowest cumulative points for the season will be eliminated and the user(s) with the higher cumulative scores will survive.

#2) Score Prediction

The second tie breaker (in the event both users have identical total points) will be the weekly score prediction. Each week, a user predicts their fractional score such as 135.54. The user closest to predicting their actual score, whether under or over, will have the second tie breaker ruled in their favor.

#3) Coin Flip / Random

In the highly unlikely event that total points are the same and the predicted weekly score difference is the same, the system will automatically choose a winner at random.


For private leagues that are purchased by a commissioner, the commissioner is able to configure:

Scoring is able to be adjusted fractionally. For example 4.5 points per TD or 0.5 points per reception.

Commissioners also have the ability to input their own “LEAGUE RULES / NOTES” for offsite prizes, fees, notes, or consolatory prizes such as “high points” each week or “high points” season-long.

Contest Entry & Editing Restrictions

All contests available in the lobby will “lock” and not be joinable when the 1st sporting event linked to the contest begins. For example, if the first event is a 1PM NFL game, the contest will lock before 1PM and no longer be joinable. Editing picks after a contest lock is prohibited.

Lineup editing is available until 1 pm EST for regular season NFL weeks. Players chosen on Thursday or Saturday games may not be chosen or moved after the start of their specific game, but players who play Sunday and Monday can be selected up until the deadline.

Official Data - NFL

All contest results are 100% based on the data marked as “final” by our website’s data provider, MYSPORTSFEEDS. is not able to alter the data or scoring results in any way. Statistical changes (such as edits made a day or days after the sporting event has concluded) are not subject for revision on our website. Scores will not be re-run or re-processed.

Guaranteed Contests

Most contests willautomatically expire if they do not fill the number of available slots. However, there are also contests that will run and are guaranteed prizes regardless of how many entries there are. Look for the “G” icon associated with a contest to determine if it is guaranteed. 

Multi-Entry Contests

We also offer  “multi entry” contests which are contests where you can create more than one lineup in any one contest. Only select contests have this feature enabled. Look for the [M] icon to symbolize these unique opportunities to join more than once.

King of the Gridiron Contest Gameplay

Fantasy Sports Knockout offers an alternate gameplay style that is 100% identical to what is described above, with the only additions being:

Other than the prize structure having variance, everything else is the same with the primary contest/league winner being the person who survives elimination.

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