How It Works


STEP 1 - Create an Account

Register for an account. It is fast, free, and easy.


STEP 2 - Join A Contest

Join either a site contest or create your own private commissioner league. Site contests are currently free during our beta period.  Private leagues have a small fee paid for by the commissioner (the person who creates the league).  You can then invite your friends to play in any type of game you wish to configure!


STEP 3 - Pick Your Players

Build your team as you would in a fantasy league - you choose a new lineup each week.  There is no  draft or salary cap  - choose any player you want to build your squad. Just remember, restrictions apply on how many times you can pick the same player! You’ll also get to predict your score each week for tie-breaking purposes. But why do we have to worry about ties? Glad you asked - we'll get to that in a minute!


STEP 4 - Monitor Your Results

Like any fantasy football website, you can monitor the results. View year-to-date scoring, see who's been eliminated, and monitor the points you score that week. 


STEP 5 - Score High Enough or Get Knocked Out

Score high enough, and survive. Score too low, and go home  until next time. It's as simple as that! But you probably want a more detailed explanation - we get it!

The Long and Short of Fantasy Sports Knockout

At its core, Fantasy Sports Knockout is a knockout pool with fantasy teams. Or it's a fantasy league with knockouts. Whichever way you choose to look at it, it's a unique blend.  The very basic idea is that there is only one winner: the last entry not to be eliminated. How we get there can be as simple as our basic Knockout Contest, where we eliminate a group of entries each week based on the lowest scores until the final week where we crown a champion, or our unique "King of the Gridiron" contests where there is still one big winner while everyone else is eliminated...but we keep everyone interested for the entire season by offering weekly high scores and cumulative season points. But the last entry standing will always be the biggest winner!

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