About Us

Fantasy Sports Knockout was formed by a fantasy sports enthusiast after being invited to play in a manually-run game that was tracked on a spreadsheet. In his own words:

“A friend invited me to play in a new game and I loved it immediately. I loved the concept, loved the challenge, and was surprised to learn that no one was doing this type of pool on a national level. I’ve run a lot of fantasy leagues so I took the game to my friends. I expanded upon it a bit and found a site to run the fantasy aspect. It caught on quickly with my crowd but I was left with a big problem: finding a way to track the knockout features. It was a lot of work to keep track of who was in, who was out, who was eligible for other prizes, etc. Because no site was running this type of game, it had to be run manually to a large degree. And, since the game was new and so different, it was difficult for people to fully understand the concept. I started to build a site to track my own game with my group of players, and then realized that this could be something that people beyond my circle could enjoy as well.”

Fantasy Sports Knockout is a unique and challenging way to play fantasy football by combining a fantasy league with a knockout pool. Try it today – we think you’ll love it too!

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