Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Sports Knockout

We’re a fantasy football/survivor contest hybrid that allows you to join public and private fantasy sports contests. You draft a new team each week and if you score high enough, you survive; score too low, get knocked out!

How do I play on Fantasy Sports Knockout?

Sign up. Join a contest. Pick your players. Sit back and hope they score high enough that you have something to do next week! Fantasy Sports Knockout is a hybrid of a knockout contest (aka survivor or suicide pool) and a fantasy league. Pick your players, let them score like they would in fantasy, and when the week ends, the lowest score is eliminated (or group of scores depending on the configuration). Use any players you want based on the configuration of the league - but be careful. You can only use each player once throughout the contest! Score too low, go home and try again next week in a new contest! Score high, and move on. At the end, be the last one standing......and win!

Are there any restrictions involving who can play on Fantasy Sports Knockout?

To play, you must be a resident of the United States and age 18 or older. See our terms and conditions.

How quickly does Fantasy Sports Knockout pay users after a win?

Eventually, we'll be offering public contests for users and the site will award the prizes immediately. Currently, there is no cost to play. We expect to implement this function in time for the 2021 NFL season!

What is the tiebreaker points for?

The tiebreaker is the second tiebreaker to determine elimination if there are entries which are tied at the end of the week's games. The closest to the predicted score, high or low, survives.

What if my entry is tied at the end of the week?

There are two tiebreakers that determine who survives and who is eliminated: First Tiebreaker: cumulative score for the year. The site tracks the total score for each entrant and whomever has scored less points at that point in the season will be eliminated. Second Tiebreaker: each user will be required to enter a tiebreaker after their lineups are selected. This will serve as the second tiebreaker in the event that two teams have the same amount of cumulative points. The closest to their score prediction (high or low) survives. After these two tiebreakers, the system will eliminate someone randomly.

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